Nightlights Pre-Sale Event NOW GOING!!

March 25, 2010 WOW!

The first few hours of our Pre-Sale event for "Nightlights" is going like gang-busters! Thanks for being such an awesome group of fans. A few common questions have come up, and so we thought we would answer some of them here:

1) I don't live in Texas and can't come to the album release event. Is that ok? Yes! That is totally ok. While we would love to have you there, we know that not everybody will live in Texas, or be able to drive to the shows. We trust that the entire package will help to "ease the pain" of not being able to be with us for the event. Just listen more to your immediate download!!

2) Is the Nightlights t-shirt a girls cut or a regular t-shirt cut? It will be a regular, standard t-shirt. Please order accordingly!

3) Is there a way to buy multiple copies of the record if I want to give them away as gifts, or provide some to my youth group? That is a great idea! We will be adding an additional package for a special discount on multi-CD purchases. This will NOT include all the bonus material in the main package, but will be a bulk discount order for 10 or more CD's of NIGHTLIGHTS. Look for that on Monday or earlier.

Please share the news of your excitement for Jimmy's new CD with all your facebook friends as well. The more people who know the better!

Also, make sure to tell your local christian radio station how much you want to hear Jimmy's new single "Yours to Take" on air! And if you ARE hearing it, make sure you tell them Thanks!!

Enjoy your weekend! Happy buying!

Jimmy's management team