New Blog: My New Website!

Hey fam!  Wanted to update you briefly on the new site.  It’s…new.  I know, pretty cool.  Not just anybody can have a website you know.  It takes someone with credentials, someone with clout, someone with $5 a month to spend.
Yes the rumors are true.  We’ve updated my site, and there’s some neat things I want you to check out. For starters, you’ll find all my blogs, vlogs and clogs(just go with it) right there on the home page to check out.  There’s a place for comments so be sure to add your two cents.  Check my tour schedule to see if I’m coming your way soon.  You’ll also find new and cool info on my band and me by clicking on the “Band” tab.
All you girls need to check out “Kelly’s Page”.  My wife has some incredible insights on dating, marriage, relationships and walking with God that she posts on this link.  (P.S. our baby girl, Lively, is due in January.  Feel free to click the tab to see how you can help.)
Finally, I have a special gift for the FIRST 100 people to buy a shirt from the website.  We’re giving away a FREE 6 SONG E.P.!  I don’t sell this CD individually anywhere so I’m excited to be able to offer it to you with this deal.  It has exclusive, unreleased songs and acoustic performances of some of my favorites from my previous records.
So, please drop by.  Stay a while.  Be encouraged by the writings and links I’ve posted.  I hope you enjoy the new site!  Peace!