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July 9, 2008
Hello, everyone!

It feels like forever since I have written a message that was just for YOU! But, with a brand new CD set to hit your living room in just a month and a half, I figure I better start to pump each of you up... one by one!

Get ready for Not Without Love, in stores August 19th!

But's going to be a good one! And I've got a ton of news that I want to tell you about, so open up those ears and get ready for the most info that you have EVER received in a small little newsletter.

One Simple Truth "A handful of months ago i had the privilege of playing a concert with Big Daddy Weave in Ft. Meyers, Florida. The concert went well and hanging with Mike Weaver and the gang was such a pleasure; honestly some of the best, God fearing men I've met in the music industry, not to mention incredible musicians. Though the evening was quite a treat, the catalyst for this blog came from what happened the day before"... hit the link to continue reading... <> !

The 'Shimmy Show' So some of you may have seen this already...but if NOT... here's the latest episode <> in a YouTube comedy series that I have been doing with one of my best friends, Shane Heumann! I don't know how, but somehow this has become the NUMBER 7 Linked Comedy on YouTube!! That's insane guys! Thanks for the incredible support and get ready for a brand new episode very, very soon!

Cover Contest! Do we have any guitar players out there? Any keyboard players? Spoons? Pots and pans? Well let's hope we do, because I'm in the process of getting together a BIG 'cover' contest for the song "Hurricane" off the new record! We are going to setup a web page with the chords to the song, the lyrics, and a download (so that you can actually learn the song ;))...and then all you have to do is PLAY MY SONG! Make it as creative as you like, or play it just like I do! Post the video on YouTube, where Kelly and I will pick a winner!

But what do you win you ask?

A brand new, autographed guitar!

So go nuts, and have some fun with this song guys... 'cause I can't wait to see what you can come up with!

I'll send out an email next week officially kicking this contest off, so get ready for that!

'Not Without Love' Mailing Team Now I'm not sure how many of you are also on my official 'street team', but assuming some of you are...get ready for another package to be mailed your way VERY shortly! This package is going to filled with all things 'love'! From sticker's shaped like hearts, to heart-shaped guitar picks, this promo package is not one to miss! Not only will you get to keep one of these limited edition guitar picks for yourself, but you will get a couple extra to pass out to all of our friends in hopes of possibly converting them into my newest, and biggest fans!

If you're not on the Jimmy Inpoparazzi Team, click here to sign up now <> . It's free, and you'll get access to some really cool exclusive stuff!

Story Behind New Record 'Not Without Love' Here is a little excerpt from my newly updated bio, talking about the basis behind most of the song-writing on the upcoming record.

"He is an artist who can't separate his performance from his song, or his life from his message. It is that same spirit which permeates Jimmy's highly anticipated sophomore release, Not Without Love.

"Many of the songs on my first album were birthed out my frustration with friends who claimed to love the Lord but were going out and getting hammered every weekend," Jimmy explains. "I had other friends who were all about the holiness of God and the fear of the Lord, but they passed on some legalistic tendencies and judgmental attitudes that robbed me of joy. I was zealous, but there was no freedom in my zeal. I was living in a legalistic nightmare. While I still feel it is not okay to have one foot in the world and one foot in the church, I've learned how easy it is to cry 'hypocrite' to people who are struggling with things you aren't struggling with."

Jimmy credits his new bride, Kelly, with opening his eyes and heart to the reality of grace. "I was all about sharing the Lord," he explains. "I carried tracts everywhere I went. I was like Bibleman. It was so wearing on me. It got to the point that I couldn't walk into a supermarket without feeling like a failure if I didn't witness to every cashier in the place. I was working really hard to put a smile on Jesus' face because I was afraid if I didn't, He was going to be disappointed in me."

"I discovered that zeal and passion for God is a good thing, but if you don't love people, it doesn't count for much," Jimmy confesses. "It is good to speak the truth, but it is so much better to speak the truth in love. I realized I had shared the gospel with so many people in the flesh, but all they knew was the Bible beater. I could have just loved on them and what impact would that have had? God has called us to joy. We have the hope of eternal life. That's really what this album is all about."

Facebook, iLike, LastFM, MySpace We have now claimed almost all of my online 'fan' pages! So do you know what that means? You get to do your part now! ;) Head over to Facebook <> (which you are probably already on as we speak), and become a fan!

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And of course... my MySpace account <> is going as strong as always, BUT it has a brand new layout! Check it out!

But As for now... I'm out of here! Check back in the next coming weeks to hear more from me as the album release gets closer and closer!


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