Filming the 'Firefly' Music Video

April 18, 2009
Hey all,

it's been a little while. I just wanted to briefly update you on some cool goings-on with me. If you've listened to my music at all, you might be familiar with the song I wrote to my wife Kelly, "Firefly". You can listen to it on my myspace in a minute if you'd like. It's a quirky, fun upbeat groove that we had a blast recording in studio.

Well, we felt it was about time to move it from the recording studio to the screen. This past week we just finished filming my new music video for the song 'Firefly'! For those of you who haven't heard the song yet, you can check it out on my myspace in a bit. It's a fun quirky celebration song that I wrote about my bride, Kelly. We brought Chris Corrado in as director. Chris was assistant director on films like the latest Indiana Jones and Charlie Wilson's War. He currently works on the new NBC series "Life". The shoot went phenomenal and I am so grateful to the cast and crew that helped on it.

The entire video was shot in LA in this very vibey coffee shop. I was excited to have the video take place there cause in a way, it was reminiscent of my roots. As some of you know, my earliest shows were in coffee houses and bars near my college campus. So, there was a bit on nostalgia for me to do this shoot where we did.

Some might be wondering, "Since this song is about your wife, is she in the video?" Yes! Kelly does make a surprise cameo appearance on screen, but only the savvy will spot her. She has a brief interaction with the two actors in a scene...but perhaps I've said too much.

All you need to know for now is that this is will be a fun video for a fun song. I'm looking forward to letting you see it soon. As soon as I know a release date for the vid, I'll let you know. Until then, be looking for updates right here, and on my website,, and last but not least, my facebook. Come by my artist page and say hi!

God bless you all, and may you find your deepest joy today in knowing, loving and obeying the Savior!

Yours and His,