Dying to Make God Famous

How do you measure success in your life? As an artist, I’m tempted to assess myself in all kinds of wrong ways.

“Why am I not selling more records?”
“How is that artist doing so much better than I am?”
“Why wasn’t I called to play at that event?”

Likely, your questions are different from mine, but the heart behind them is the same.

“Why don’t I have more followers on social media?”
“How did he get the promotion over me?”
“Why are her kids more well-behaved than mine?”
“Why haven’t I been able to bring more people to faith?”

In our culture, numbers are king. It’s increasingly difficult not to see growth as our surest sign of God’s favor. As Christians, the questions can be even more frustrating because our motives are often for noble causes like advancing God’s kingdom and making him famous in the world. How could God say no to that kind of ambition?

Well, he seems to. All the time. And his word helps us begin to make sense of his decision to do so.

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Kelly NeedhamComment