By now, many of you have gotten or heard my new album Clear the Stage. Many of you have also taken time to write me on Facebook, twitter and spoken to me at concerts to share how you’ve been challenged and encouraged through these songs, and in particular, the title track. By the way, if you haven’t heard the song, here’s a link to the lyric video on YouTube:

What you might not know is that this coming Spring I will be doing my first headline tour called, you guessed it, the CLEAR THE STAGE TOUR.

The songs on this record tell the Truth, but songs can only go so far. For seven years, I’ve dreamt of being able to go even deeper.  create a concert experience like nothing I've ever done before.  And now, it’s finally here.

God is after so much more than our sing-alongs and token prayers. He wants are appetite, our desire, our all. This is the heartbeat of our tour. Not only is the message of the night so vital, but the mission is as well. We are partnering with our friends at the Mocha Club to help liberate women in the poverty stricken nation of Ethiopia from a life of prostitution. Currently in Ethiopia, one in nine women sell their bodies every night just to make ends meet. They are without hope or dignity. We want to change that number in Jesus' name, and we know that as we fight for these girls, we will all be changed in the process.  To do this I’m bringing with me my friends, nationally renown speaker Tony Nolan and worship leader Jeff Johnson. These are men with heart, passion and talent. I’m so glad to have them on the team.

WE NEED YOUR HELP Why am I sharing all this with you?   I’m writing because I want your help. I want to get this event into as many venues around the country as possible but I can’t do it alone. That’s where you come in.  If you’ve been impacted by what God has done through these songs in your own life and want to share that experience with others, you can have a hand in getting us to play in your city! Here’s how:

• Talk to some folks in authority at your church, or a local promoter at a nearby theatre, or a promotions director on your college campus (maybe an on-campus organization like a Christian fraternity/sorority). • Tell them about the event, share with them the lyric video “Clear the Stage” to help them understand more about the tour. • Have them, or yourself, send an email to Elite Talent Agency or call them at (615) 983-6600 to get details about the event. NO COMMITMENT NECESSARY. This is just to see what costs will be, etc.  They respond quickly, promise! • We will do our best to work with most budgets so don’t be scared to reach out! • Do it soon as we are filling up our tour calendar now!

It's that simple.  One thing I always loved about my fans is that they may be few but they’re passionate! I believe in you guys and know you can help us take this show to people who really need it. I look forward to joining you in an effort to win back the hearts of a generation to King Jesus! Let’s prove together that worship is more than a song!

- Jimmy

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