An Update on My New Albums

Dear family,


By now I’ve received more than a few inquiries about the status of my Christmas EP as well as my upcoming record.  I’ve been deliberately slow to respond until now as I wanted to write this news only if necessary.  It would seem that now is the time.  I regretfully will not be able to release the Christmas EP before this season is over. 

About 2 months ago I did some very serious damage to my voice while attempting to finish the vocals for my upcoming record.  The damage hasn’t only inhibited from singing, but even speaking has brought acute pain.  Any singer will tell you, vocal pain is never a good thing to push through as it can do permanent damage to your voice.  I have rescheduled my vocal session 3 times now and have failed each time to execute in studio.  I have had to cancel 4 performances so far, much to my disliking.  A few weeks ago we recorded the music for all the songs on the Christmas EP, and although the music turned out wonderfully, I could not get through the singing part. 

As it pertains to my new album, we are only a few vocal takes away from completion.  It was scheduled to be finished in August but that didn’t pan out.  I’m hopeful that I can finish out the remaining songs sometime before the New Year but am trying to be sensitive not to overstrain myself as well.  Regardless, sometime this Spring you will have the new record from me, Lord willing. 

I want to be writing and singing songs for God’s glory and your joy for many more years to come.  These hard decisions have been made with that in mind.  I’m grateful for any grace you could extend to me in light of falling short of my commitments to you this year. 

Here’s what you can be sure of:  I am militant about my recovery.  I have a fairly light singing schedule until the end of the year, and I am utilizing as much down time as possible to rest my singing voice.  I’ve committed to weekly therapy sessions with a very experienced speech pathologist.  All of my doctors are optimistic about my full recovery and I’m already feeling better.  I’m confident my heavenly Father will work even this inconvenience for my greatest good and yours.  I can’t WAIT to finish both the Christmas EP and especially the new album.  I’ve poured everything I have into this project and it’s become some of my most focused, musically unique and Cross exalting work I’ve ever been privileged to create.  Maybe that explains all the attack!  I will keep you updated as we progress, and when we have some firm release dates for both projects, you’ll be sure to hear about it.    

You’re prayers for my full recovery are sincerely needed.  Thank you for standing with me through all these ups and downs.  You really do feel like family to me. 


Yours and His,




Be on the look out for details on the new album including the title announcement and debut of the cover art! 




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